Why Mentor? 🤔

Imagine when you were first looking to switch into tech.

Now imagine that same experience, but without the interview knowledge or network.
Pretty intimidating right?

Unfortunately, that's how the interview process can appear for so many young people.
Things that can seem so obvious in hindsight make a real difference in their job search.

An Hour Per Week Can Make a World of Difference

Every cohort we receive 200+ applications from college students hoping to get a chance to reach their dream job. However, due to our limited mentor roster, we can only take on so many students.

As a mentor, just by sharing your experiences and perspective you can make a world of difference for a young aspiring engineer, and fundamentally transform their career trajectory.

Take it from one of our fellows:

I really appreciate my mentor, the advice, the prep sessions, and everything she's conveyed throughout the course of the fellowship. Some of the advice I've received from her is so wise and clarifying, which makes me feel a clear sense of direction about what to do next. It has helped me out a lot professionally and emotionally. I think I wouldn't have been able to get some of the internship offers without the guidance of my mentor and the fellowship, so I'm beyond grateful for this opportunity.

Help us build a more inclusive tech industry!

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