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Free Fellowship Program Preparing Underrepresented College Students for Careers in Tech

Let's Unleash Your Superpower ⚡

You have been learning how to code at school, but finding your way into tech industry still seem intimidating or even impossibly difficult. 😣

The good news is that you don't have to be alone in facing this challenge!

Techquitable is a volunteer organization dedicated to helping underrepresented students prepare launch their software engineering career. We are staffed by experienced software engineers and offer a free 9-week program to help you navigate into the tech industry.

We know that you have your superpower. Now let's work together to unleash it and launch your software engineering career! 🚀

Program Overview

Our free 9-week program prepares you to tackle your coding interviews with confidence!

Weekly Group Lessons

You will get weekly group lessons over Zoom that will teach you how to crack the interviews, both technical and behavioral. Topics include:

  • Interview Process Overview
  • Resume Workshop
  • Arrays & Strings
  • Stacks & Queues
  • Linked Lists
  • Recursion
  • Searching & Sorting
  • Graphs & Trees

Weekly Individual Lessons

You will be paired with 1-2 mentors whom you will get to meet with each week.  Discussion can be about whatever is top of mind. Popular session topics include:

  • Mock Interviews (Behavioral & Technical)
  • Preparation Strategy
  • Job Search Tips
  • Career Planning
  • Day-to-day at Work
  • Coding Languages
  • Offer Evaluation
  • ....and many more!


"Thanks to Techquitable I was able to find great mentors who guided me through the building of my resume, Linkedin profile, and job interviews. I have received a full-time position as a software engineer thanks to the weekly meetings and mentor sessions which gave me the confidence to start applying for jobs."
- Wilmer (Summer 2021 Fellow)
"In a short time, I was able to grasp concepts I thought were impossible to, I’m learning much more easily when working in a smaller class setting and found myself eager to master more data structures and algorithms"
- Summer 2021 Fellow
"My favorite part of the program is practicing coding in front of my mentors and learning so much along the way"
- Summer 2021 Fellow
"Thank you for everything! I managed to get 3 offers since the program started"
- Fall 2020 Fellow
"I would have not gotten such indispensable information anywhere else 😃"
- Fall 2020 Fellow

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